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Version: 1.8.x


Gitpod offers quick-start development environments. Use the following button if you would like to develop and test without setting up a local development environment.

This web-based development environment has:

  • A terminal with poetry and required python packages for development
  • A terminal running npm start and serving the docs in a separate browser window

Launch Hoppr in Gitpod


Install poetry to simplify package management and building.

# Install poetry and dependencies
$ pip install poetry
$ poetry install


Any changes to the project need to pass three tests. Our GitLab pipelines will also verify this during an MR.

New functionality should also be unit tested.

# Run unit tests, formatting cleanup, and test pep8
$ poetry run pytest ./hoppr
$ poetry run black ./hoppr
$ poetry run pylint ./hoppr

This project also uses pre-commit for identifying simple issues before submission to code review.
You can run pre-commit run --all-files when your files are staged to ensure code consistency, but hooks are run on every commit automatically as well.
You can view the full list of hooks run in .pre-commit-config.yaml.