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Version: 1.7.x

Hoppr CycloneDX Taxonomy

Hoppr Namespace Taxonomy

Context: What is CycloneDX Property Taxonomy?

NamespaceDescriptionAdministered ByTaxonomy
hoppr:collectionNamespace for properties specific to Hoppr collectionsLockheed Martin Hopprhoppr:repository Namespace Taxonomy
hoppr:repositoryNamespace for properties specific to Hoppr repositoriesLockheed Martin Hopprhoppr:repository Namespace Taxonomy
hoppr:schemaNamespace for properties specific to Hoppr input file schemasLockheed Martin Hopprhoppr:schema Namespace Taxonomy

hoppr:collection Namespace Taxonomy

hoppr:collection:directoryThe directory (relative to collect_root_dir) into which an artifact has been copied
hoppr:collection:pluginThe class name of the plugin used to collect an artifact
hoppr:collection:repositoryThe repository from which an artifact has been collected
hoppr:collection:timetagThe UTC time at which an artifact was copied

hoppr:repository Namespace Taxonomy

hoppr:repository:component_search_sequenceThe ordered list of repositories used to find a component

hoppr:schema Namespace Taxonomy

hoppr:schema:manifest_versionManifest file schema version
hoppr:schema:transfer_versionTransfer file schema version
hoppr:schema:credentials_versionCredentials file schema version