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Version: 1.8.x

Hoppr Cop

For Policing Your SBOM Vulnerabilities

Hoppr Cop is a cli and python library that generates high quality vulnerability information from a cyclone-dx Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) by aggregating data from multiple vulnerability databases. For more information please see the project documentation.



SBOMs provide an ideal way to inventory all the dependencies in a project. A project's vulnerabilities should be monitored on a regular basis. hoppr-cop provides an easy mechanism to keep your vulnerability information up to date without regenerating an SBOM. The vex and html reports provide an ideal way to communicate vulnerability status to users, even in disconnected networks.

Why Use Multiple Scanners

  • Provides broad coverage of the upstream vulnerability data sources. You can see the full details of the data-sources here. Gitlab and Sonotype provide their own vulnerability reporting that you won't get elsewhere.
  • Provides much better coverage of a variety of package manager types. Each bom scanner has package managers that it excels at scanning, and some that it does a poor job of. Additionally, each product supports a different set of package ecosystems.
  • Seeing that multiple datasources agree on a finding, improves confidence that the finding is not a false positive.
  • Combining information from multiple sources leads to more complete and accurate information for each vulnerability identified, leading to quicker resolutions.



For more information please see the project documentation