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Version: 1.7.x


Two Requirements

Req #1 - Python

Python 3.10 or higher is required to run Hoppr. Instructions to download Python are available here

Req #2 - System Dependencies

Hoppr plugins often utilize underlying system applications. This means that some plugins will only run on certain Operating Systems. For example, the DNF and YUM collectors generally require a RHEL-based platform. Some examples:

  • collect_dnf_plugin requires dnf
  • collect_docker_plugin requires skopeo
  • collect_git_plugin requires git
  • collect_helm_plugin requires helm
  • collect_maven_plugin requires mvn
  • collect_pypi_plugin requires pip
  • collect_yum_plugin requires yumdownloader

OS Configuration


apt-get install --assume-yes python3.10 python3.10-venv python3-pip maven nodejs npm git skopeo

ln -sf /usr/bin/pip3 /usr/bin/pip
ln -sf /usr/bin/python3 /usr/bin/python



Rocky Linux requires a build of Python 3.10, you'll need to install and configure it before following the next steps.

# Start Docker
yum-config-manager --add-repo

yum-config-manager --enable powertools

yum install docker-ce docker-ce-cli docker-compose-plugin --assumeyes --allowerasing

yum install skopeo --assumeyes --allowerasing


apk add --no-cache python3-dev git maven nodejs npm skopeo

Setup Pip3, Python3 and Helm

ln -sf /usr/bin/pip3 /usr/bin/pip
ln -sf /usr/bin/python3 /usr/bin/python

curl -L | bash

Install Hoppr CLI

Hoppr is available on You can install Hoppr simply by running the following command


On some systems you must use the pip3 command rather than pip

# Install virtual environment 
pip install virtualenv

# Instantiate virtual environment
python -m venv env

# Source virtual environment
source env/bin/activate

# Install hoppr

## Python Run

pip install hoppr


pip3 install hoppr

You can verify that Hoppr is installed by executing hopctl version:

$ hopctl version
Hoppr Framework Version: {{ hoppr.version }}
Python Version: 3.10.4

Docker Run

You can run hoppr with the hopctl docker image

$ docker run hoppr/hopctl version
Hoppr Framework Version: {{ hoppr.version }}
Python Version: 3.10.4